Is TIME holding you down?…


The misconception of time, the comparison of numbers, the justification through explanation… it all comes down to the temporary feelings of what could’a, should’a, and would’a been done or is acceptable if we can just find a way to justify it with numbers.

Time is one of the most misunderstood concepts in human history. It doesn’t even exist. The subconscious mind doesn’t understand time. Culture manipulates the perception of time depending on how it will benefit their marketing cause or bottom line.

Anything can be manipulated if given enough time, or shown in a small enough snippet of time yet the universe is built on nearly infinite time. Written recorded history has been kept for the human’s understanding of about 6,000 years. Science has guesstimated the earth is millions and possibly billions of human years old.

The Sun (the true source of energy in our solar system) is said to be nearly infinite in how long it will provide light and energy. It could be millions and billions of years before the sun stops producing energy.

What does this have to do with personal development?


Humans are a tiny blip in the universe. The earth. Nature. The atmosphere. The sun and moon. The solar system. The universe. The possibility of multiple universes and solar systems far beyond our comprehension… yet one thing remains a mystery…


What if??…

What if time doesn’t exist?

Yes, the sun comes up and the sun goes down. The earth revolves around the sun and as a byproduct creates an estimate of weather patterns we call seasons.

What if everything we think we know is manipulated between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind to the point that we aren’t thinking about time properly?

What if the idea that we should be losing weight or healing from childhood trauma or making a million dollars or getting married by 30 or living in a huge mansion debt free or living the ‘American Dream’ by 40 or retiring at 55 is all just a made-up scenario with a mystical time frame to keep our mind trapped and focused on the guilt and shame which causes us to lose focus on the one thing that truly matters on this planet and in our hearts.


Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

I am not an expert on history or biblical text and I am in no way affiliated with a formal church or religion, however, I came across a quote that has had a profound influence on my life.

Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

As this is one of the oldest written texts and has been used for 2000 years as guide for life, I couldn’t help taking a deeper look into my own interpretation of the words. In the best selling book in human history, love and joy and peace are not brought by a mass accumulation of things or feelings in the shortest amount of time… but the accumulation of love and joy and peace with the accumulation of time and patience and kindness and faithfulness and gentleness and self-control.

The ancient definition which describes the way to a joyful and loving life is in quite the exact opposite of how current culture and societal influences would lead us to believe. The striving for overindulgence of pleasure and the complete avoidance of discomfort in the smallest amount of time is a strong and reoccurring message wherever we go, in all we see, and in each form of media we tend to focus on because it captures our attention.

If I haven’t lost you by now, I want to leave you with a strong and powerful lesson I have learned from my own experiences and the experiences I have learned working with the wonderful people I get to work with each week.

Time is infinite and constantly flowing. There is no beginning. There is no ending. There is only a chance to refresh our heart and mind and body with the lessons of yesterday and our mind on today taking the solid step forwards into our tomorrow.

There is no race.

There is no time limit.

There is no finish line.

There is only the chance to reassess where you are today and focus on where you want to go tomorrow while taking the step today. We cannot slow down or speed up time. We cannot change the rules. We cannot cheat the basic laws of the universe that guide our mental, physical, and spiritual energy.

Media and marketing plows will do anything and everything they can to tap the pain points within our psyche and play off the instant gratification culture they have created to show the short-term positives of the product they are pushing or the perceived lack of long term negatives from that which they want us to consume today.

Time will keep moving forward.

You logically know what is best for you today and tomorrow.

You emotionally know what is best for you today and tomorrow.

You spiritually know what is best for you today and tomorrow.

It takes the development of Personal Power to keep your head, heart, mouth, and feet aligned so you can take the step forward with your feet planted firmly on the ground as to not lose your balance and fall into the cluttered noise.

*Climb YOUR Mountain of Personal Power = Self Awareness + Self Discipline + Self Confidence + Self Worth* (More to come on these steps in the future)

Don’t let the noise of the world overtake your thoughts, feelings, and actions down the undesirable path of losing who you are in order to prove your worth to a bunch of people who don’t care beyond a social media like or a negative comment they won’t even remember making tomorrow. I give you permission to do what is best for yourself. I am allowing you the grace to take the time you need and want to understand where you are today, heal from all that has happened in your yesterdays, and gain the knowledge and wisdom you need to regain your personal power tomorrow.

Take the ultimate lesson from the Sun…

Find YOUR Inner Sunshine through:

-Creative and Intellectual Outlets
-Physical Exertion and Forward Progress
-Emotional and Spiritual Releases

Look inside to great a ball of internal fire and explode for all to see. With each inner explosion, you will create an everlasting energy so bright the universe can’t help but watch and stare with delight as you shine your light and let your energy be… oh so bright.


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