Challenges Lead to Stimulation and Growth

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Life is Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

Humans tend to shy away from that which will heal their heart, mind and body. It is not in avoiding pain but understanding pain that creates strength and courage. This is not to say that one must ‘grind’ their mind and body into the ground to create ‘toughness’ to gain a benefit for the future. Learning to let go of suffering creates power.

The key is to understand ‘strength’ is built through overcoming adversity and healing from setbacks. Facing fear and failure, heartbreak and loss with patience and persistence in an intentional positive direction toward a predetermined goal or desired outcome.

It is not the act of pain and suffering but the human misunderstanding and inability to cope with these natural conditions of life that causes the internal discord of ‘grinding’ and whittling away one’s self worth.

It is only when we become strong and courageous enough to stand in the darkness of our own mind that we can confront the pain and challenges; to shed love and light on ourselves and grow our heart and mind out of the darkest shadows.

During my process we learn to understand darkness and despair. We develop the strength and skills, not to avoid pain and challenges but allow ourselves the grace to embrace the short-term experience of pain knowing avoidance of challenges will cause long-term suffering.

Pain is a gift if we allow it to come and go without the instinctive need to control or avoid the discomfort. Pain and challenges will heal and grow the human spirit through acceptance and understanding releasing the detrimental emotions of regret, guilt, and shame that weigh down the human spirit.

Only through my process of gaining knowledge and understanding can we discover the root cause of our pain. We must learn to disrupt the numb feeling of comfort to begin the process of healing. Looking deeper toward the root cause of what ails our mind and body.

We can learn to heal our mind and body through understanding and wisdom. As suffering drifts away, it is replaced with happiness and joy.

Discomfort and Challenges may not make us feel better but learning from the pain will make us well.

The difference between a cow and a Buffalo is a cow walks toward short-term comfort and a Buffalo runs through the storm…

Learn to RUN like a Buffalo.

Master your Self Talk Monster

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Master your Self Talk Monster…

The voices in your head that speak to you, can help you or hinder you… do you master your mind or does your mind master you?

What does your voice say?

Why does it speak as it does?

How can you become the master of the voices in your head?


Practice… Practice… Practice…

Practice doesn’t make perfect.

Practice doesn’t make permanent.

Practice builds power… and Power is what you will want and need to master the voice.

But…, what kind of POWER do I need?

Personal Power.


Because Personal Power is the power over CHOICE. When we learn to have Power over our choices, we can create better thoughts, which lead to an improvement in behaviors, which stimulates better emotions…

It is not in doing everything or nothing, forever or never… Personal Power over our Choices is about having the ability to balance what we want now and what we want in the future in order to achieve our short-term indulgences of happiness and our long term desire for Joy. When we learn the to grow the Power of Choice, there is nothing we must ‘give up’ because we always have the right to change our mind… yet later in the process, once we learn we do not “need” something anymore… we enjoy making the ability to choose not to have it.

This is where JOY is built.

Back to building Personal Power over our Choices by mastering the Self Talk Monster that lives in our head…

Power is built through repetition.

The repetitions consist of Courage plus Strength.

Think of a squat or a pushup for a moment. It takes courage to drop down and strength to push ourselves back up. If we cannot do one… then we use assistance. There is no shame in not being able to do one repetition. IF you feel shameful or embarrassed for not being able to do one- that is your negative self-talk monster talking and it has control over the emotional ego monster… and that is what is holding you back from taking the first step.

With each repetition of courage to let go and the strength to push you back up, you build your muscles which creates power. With each PROPER repetition, you grow stronger and stronger. THEN!!!!! Do not forget to rest! After working out, in our mind or our body, we MUST REST! It is extremely important to rest and recover properly to give our mind and muscles an opportunity to rejuvenate and grow stronger.

With each passing day, you will notice the amount of risk to take the first step lowers due to the confidence you are gaining. With increased confidence, there is less courage needed to let go and start the first repetition. With less mental energy needed to start, you will notice you have more physical energy to push you back up which leads to MORE reps AND BETTER reps!




Oh…, you thought we were still talking about the physical, weren’t you?

I know because we were focused on an example most of us can understand. A squat and push up is nothing more than a physical way for me to explain something mental, that takes place in the mind. With each mental push up, with each mental squat, with each positive repetition of positive self-talk through gratitude and encouraging language, we begin to develop the same Power in our mind.

That is really cool, isn’t it!?

As you work to create better decision-making skills through simple repetitions of positive self-talk and gratitude, you will begin to notice your mindset gaining strength and courage. You will notice hard things getting more simple. You will notice your choices starting to line up toward your goals more often. You will feel yourself winning more and losing less… which means something is happening inside you…

You are growing.

You are doing great!

You are uncovering your next level of personal discovery!

So, how do you do this?


Not easy…

But Simple…

I prefer to start in the morning. This gives you the best opportunity to win and start your day in the most positive direction we can.

Start small, with nothing more than awareness of the process being the goal.

Remember, where we start and where we end are NOT the same place. Give yourself the grace to start where you are and trust yourself to know you will grow into who you want to be.

Here we go.

STOP! And be still.

Take some breaths to calm your mind and your heart.

Close your eyes.

Take a HUGE deep breath in… breathe in the Sunshine.

Let go of a HUGE relieving exhale…. AAAHHHHHHH……. Breathe out the Darkness.

Ask these questions softly and gently.

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling this way?

How do I want to feel the rest of my day?

What is my best first in the direction of this feeling?

Now, GO! Before the moment breaks, take the step into your day!

Fear fills the empty space between thought and action. The moment you hesitate, you lost.

Take the breath.

Take the step.

Take back your Power over the next step toward the rest of your life.

Always cheering for you,


Cookies in Paradise…

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“Man, I sell cookies in paradise for a living. How could I have a bad day?” -Cookie Dude in Key West

Wow… what a great question. A simple smile and hello led me to the next great question of my own life. When you become who you really want to be, do what you want to do, live where you want to live, and can find Joy in simplicity and solitude…

 How could you have a bad day?

Please don’t get “bad day” confused with a lack of challenges and adversities. Without the stimulation of difficulty and discomfort, as humans, we would suffer from the misery of boredom and stagnation.

A “bad day” would be defined by your attitude about the day. The ‘feelings’ you have about the events of the day would be the difference between a smile and a frown.

What are the events of your day that great positive or undesired feelings?

Why do you reflect these feelings about what happens to you rather than simply finding the positive parts and learning from the difficulties?

How could you look at the things that happen “to you” with a different perspective?


Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.





What does this mean for you?

I hope to help you realize something that I have learned from people much smarter than me and have applied to my own life to help find Joy and Positivity, even through the difficult darkness I have faced in the past.

Life isn’t about what happens to you… because nothing happens TO YOU… things just happen. You put yourself right where you are in this moment and it is up to you to respond accordingly. If you would have left 1 minute early or later, you would be in a different place. If you would have done ‘that’ instead of ‘this’ you would be somewhere else. If you were to ‘think’ rather than ‘react’ you would find a different perspective so you may change your perception on the events in the NOW.

For things to change… YOU HAVE GOT TO CHANGE!

There is no magic formula.

There is no secret to success.

There is no miracle drug.

There is nothing outside of YOU that can change things for YOU…

Only YOU can change things for YOU.

Now you ask… but HOW!?

Here you go.

Are you ready?


Awesome, let’s get to work.

For things to change, YOU have got to change!

Actions must be changed, but action takes time to see results.

The first step toward changing is to change what you see.

Then change what you think.

Followed up by changing what you do.

At any time, at any point, you can change ANYTHING you want by first changing how you see it.

The absolute best way I know how to do this is to realize what is happening in the moment. Seek to understand why you are reacting the way you are and then step forward with how you want to move forward in the future.

Here you go…

The money shot.

The secret sauce.

The all powerful change pill.

When something happens… STOP! Just STOP! In this moment in time stop.

Take a physical step backward.

Create a big deep breath in.

Let a strong relieving push of air out.

Ask yourself this simple question: What do I hope to gain through the feelings I have in this moment?

That’s it.

All better.

Simple. Effect. Awesome.

On to the next task of the day.


Seriously Gary? That’s it?

This silly little exercise is supposed to change my life?

Yep, it is… and it will change is drastically if you’ll let it. The hardest part about it is remembering to do it. The second piece is to actually do it. The third part is to let it work. The most important part after you follow through is to accept your new mindset of the new perception you have in this moment. Without acceptance, you will lack the positive reward associated with this action and your brain will dismiss it, never doing it again…

Wow… that was a lot… even for me. So, I have put together a short little video to take you through the process as an example. I hope you are willing to give this a try. It works. It works better than any pill or product or service you can spend your hard-earned money on.

I have used this process in my own life to grasp control of my mindset and behaviors around poor thoughts and decisions in business, fitness, and life. I hope you are will to follow the simple steps to create a future for yourself too.

We have ONE WEEK before the 100 day “I Commit” Challenge starts… ARE YOU IN!? We would love to support and encourage you as you take your next best step forward!

Last Call for Self Care- TONIGHT!

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Hi there,

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See you soon!

Take the Detour…

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We have access to the most precise technology ever imagined. We plan our day, our travel, our everything based on the little device we hold in our had. We know EXACTLY where we are going, what the weather will be, how to get there, and even what the distance and time will be from here to there. We type it in our little device and hit ‘GO’! and we are off to our destination. We don’t even have to think anymore… we just get in the plane, train, or automobile and we let the unknowns and uncertainties brush off our shoulders so we can focus on the more urgent tasks of the day.

But… then…

Have you ever been driving and missed a turn, had to slow down because of construction, or even had to stop for rush hour traffic?

How did that make you feel?

Did you get frustrated or angry?

Where you stressed or anxious?

How did you physically and verbally react the situation?

Have you ever wondered why?…

What creates the reactions you have when you are faced with something that doesn’t fit your “plan”?

Let’s look into this for just a moment.

What is your reaction?

Why do you react this way?

How would you prefer to respond to setbacks and adversities?

Have you ever sat back and thought about how much longer it actually takes when you turn on the wrong road or have to go 5-10 mph under your desired speed?

It is under 5 minutes in most cases. (Yes, I know there are ALWAYS exceptions to the circumstances.)

Is the thought of ‘losing’ 5 minutes worth losing the personal power over your thoughts, feelings, and actions for the rest of the day?

Are you really in that big of a hurry to get where you are going?

Is 5 minutes really going to make of break the rest of your life?

If it is, I have some bold news to pass along to you.

Look in the mirror, it is your fault.

If 5 minutes is going to make or break your entire day, then you have set yourself up with the thoughts, feelings, and actions which have taken you to this point. The insistent need to take care of the urgencies and emergencies you have rather than focusing on the major priorities has led you too exactly where you are.

If 5 minutes is going to make or break you, I would suggest you start with looking at where you are mentally, physically, emotionally so you can align yourself with reality… knowing where you truly are is the best step you can take to moving forward in the BEST possible direction, FOR YOU!

Start where you are… and then you can begin to work to where you want to go.

That sounds harsh Gary…. Thank you for blaming me for all my own problems… but… but… but… it is not my fault…

Yes, I understand how you feel. I felt the same way in my own life until I found out that I am the only person that has power over my thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is up to me to focus my attention on what I can control versus all the things I can’t. Then, I had to learn to listen to myself to understand what I was doing and why I was doing it. Listening to myself without judgment or ridicule allowed me to find the weak spots in my day so I knew where to focus my efforts.

Then, I had to set myself up to be better in the future… Leaving a profit in my own life. Learning to focus my energy on the KNOWNS vs the unknowns and uncertainties allowed me to live in the present. Living in the NOW is truly the only way we can live a JOYFUL and HAPPY life.

Attempting to live in the past creates the suffering of loss and depression.

Attempting to live in the future creates the suffering of worry and anxiety.

Attempting to live in the now releases the tension between the past and the present allowing more of our emotional energy to be used toward more positive thoughts, more desirable behaviors, and creating the best possible environment we can surround ourselves with to thrive.

Living our best life truly comes from being present and living in the NOW.

But Gary, how do we do that?

The best first step is to STOP!

(You are going to meditate for less than 60 seconds. This will be how to create your own “state” of NOW. Learning to STOP and TAKE A BREATH is the way for you to learn to dam the river of negativity and break the cycle of undesirable thoughts and emotions to curb the destructive behaviors that follow.)

The next best step is to close your eyes (if you are in a safe place to do so) take a HUGE BREATH IN and then a HUGE RELIEVEING BREATH OUT.

(Breath in the Sunshine… breath out the Darkness…)

Then ask 3 primary questions:

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling this way?

How can I take the best first step forward in a more positive direction?


Take that first step in the new direction! The moment you hesitate, you lost your ‘state’, and you will be heading back down the old path that led you to where you are today. Fear fills the empty space between thought and action. If you hesitate, the negative self-talk monster will show up and begin eating your courage away from you.

Don’t worry about making mistakes or how long it will take or even if you will get all the way to the end…

There is no course map.

There is no pacer.

There is no finish line.

There is no time limit.

There is only the direction of your heart, the focus of your mind, and the step you are in that will lead you everywhere you want to go… or nowhere at all.

Take the wrong turns…

Slowdown in traffic…

Accept the detours…

Live your best life by learning to make the best of today, healing from yesterday, and dreaming about tomorrow knowing by doing the best you can today, all your tomorrows will compound into more than you can ever imagine.

Always cheering for you,


What’s your best 1st step forward?

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So how do I get started? Here’s my advice for taking the first step toward better fitness and health.

What’s your “WHY”? What do you REALLY want out of this? Do you want to be healthy, lose some weight or look great in a Speedo? Or do you want to have the energy to play with your kids, be more attentive with your spouse and become a better person to be around. My “WHY” was the second set of reasons, not the first. When I felt like giving up, these were the reasons I didn’t grab the second plate of food, I went for the walk, I woke up early and stayed focused even when I didn’t want to. Find your “WHY” and take relentless massive action toward it!

Don’t focus on too much too fast. Pick one or two things and work really hard on them for 30 days. If you are doing really well, add something new. If not, refocus and make sure you put the habits in place that will carry you! I would rather focus on changing the underlying cause of the problem than just the symptoms. When you find a problem, go after the source!

Stick to a schedule. I prefer an “everyday” activity because this is how I built my daily disciplines. I would oversleep and then drive my happy tail across town and sit in my car at the rec center instead of just saying screw it for the day and getting an extra 20 minutes of sleep. I slowly started getting up a little earlier and working out for 10 minutes. I finally got tired of it so I started getting up on time and putting in a full workout. This has been one of the top 3 disciplines I have cemented over the past 3 years. Don’t underestimate that one missed workout. I believe it’s more important to go through the motions than it is to actually workout.

Be Positive, Be Patient, Be Persistent. I’m adding this because it is my mantra. I hate waiting. I want what I want and I want it NOW!!! So I repeat this statement everyday while I drink my coffee. (I seriously had it put on my coffee cup as a reminder) I used to weigh myself 4 times a day. Was it obsessive? Yes. Did it work for me? Yes. I also know people who only weigh themselves once a week. They have had tremendous success with it. As with your whole plan- trial and error & and find out what works best for YOU!!!

Don’t over complicate it. I know it is tempting to read every book, blog and try something new every week when you aren’t seeing instant results. Find a plan and work it every single day. If you screw today up, forget about it. It’s gone. You can’t do anything about it… Don’t dwell on the bad day- move on. Minimize the bad days and maximize the good days. To this day, this is still my focus. If I mess up a day, I move on and get back on track tomorrow. Don’t have two bad days in a row!

With running- run when you can, walk if you have to, but never ever finish early. I couldn’t run a full block when I started. It sucked. It was hard. We worked on it and followed our plan and let time work in our favor. I’m not here to B.S. you- it’s going to be hard. It’s going to take time. Days when you don’t want to get off the couch. Days when you want to eat everything in sight. Days when you just don’t feel like it. There are going to be days when you want to quit. DON’T! It is so worth sticking it out and being uncomfortable. Think of your “WHY” to get you through the hard days.

Whatever you do, however you do it, start TODAY!!! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is too far away. What you do today (good or bad) effects all of your tomorrows. Start with a piece of paper, write down your “WHY”, make plan, post your plan where you will read it every day and start taking action! Stop waiting and stop overthinking. Just start with what you can do right now. Your future self will thank you!

Are you joining us for Self Care is the Best Care?? Self Care is the Best Care

Be Positive, Be Patient, Be Persistent

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So you want to start life change but don’t know where to start…

Someone asked how they could get started losing weight and working toward positive life change. After some discussion and my advice they seemed pretty disappointed. Isn’t that going to take a long time? Is there a way to speed up the process? Is there any other way that’s “easier”?

No. Plain and simple. If you do anything worth doing, it is going to take time. If you set the type of goals you should be setting, it should take you a long time and A LOT of persistent and consistent action to get there. If your goals are big enough, you will want to wake up early and stay up late so you can accomplish them. If you’re not losing sleep over your goals, they aren’t high enough…

My advice for getting started. Just know right now, it isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t going to be fast. There are ZERO shortcuts, but in the end, it is worth every step forward. No pills, no magic, no products, just pure hard work, determination and persistent daily action toward a predetermined destination.

  1. You have to have a positive mental attitude. Tell yourself- I can do this. I will do this and start taking action. A positive attitude won’t take the action for you, but it will make it easier to take the action. When you hit a rough spot, if you have trained yourself to be positive, you will overcome adversity faster and be able to get back on track.
  2. You have to know going in this isn’t going to be easy. You have to be patient. You have to let time and action take its course. You are going to have to take a lot of action without seeing a result, knowing the results will come as long as you follow your plan. When I’m working with people on their fitness and health goals, the biggest obstacle we see when they start is the lack of instant gratification. The scale doesn’t go down, they get bored because they aren’t seeing the instant results or they don’t go from couch to marathon runner overnight. Know from the beginning this is going to take time. It will ease your frustrations as you get started.
  3. Persistence is the true key to success. Failure is a part of life. You will miss a day eating or walking or running. Don’t beat yourself up. My original goal was don’t miss two days in a row. Then it became to go 3 days in a row. Then it morphed into don’t miss two days in a week on to don’t miss any days in a week. I “won” a lot of weeks just by holding myself accountable and “missing” one day a week. If I had one bad day in a week, I felt like a superhero! When I missed more than one day in a week, I would regroup and promise myself I would make next week better. And to this day, I still carry this philosophy with me. If I can have 6 good days out of 7, I’m feel I’m doing awesome. My best months are when I look at my calendar and realize I only had 2 “bad” days. This gives me motivation to continue forward to my goals.

I know this sounds boring. I know it sounds like it is going to take forever. And really, it took me over a year to start running and almost 2 to go from my couch to running my first half marathon. But I have followed this guide from day one and if all goes to plan, this plan will have taken me from 400 pounds to 100 mile finisher in 4 years. As I look at it daily, it seems like an eternity. As I look back in reflection, it seems like an “overnight success”. Don’t let the time it is going to take derail you. Focus on the day ahead and keep taking action. If you miss, pick yourself up and try again. The only way to fail is to quit. The only way to succeed is to keep moving forward One Step at a Time and refuse to give up on yourself. Set high goals, take consistent action and persist over time, one day you will wake up and you will have become the person you wanted to be.

Just Think! about what you eat…

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One of my favorite parts of sharing my journey is how many questions I get about how I started eating better and exercising. Most people think I started running to lose weight. I wish I could say I did, but at 400 pounds there was no way my body was going to let me run at all. (I had enough pain just performing daily tasks) I started with small changes in my eating habits. After a couple months I noticed my eating habits were giving me more energy. My wife and I started walking together and over the course of about a year we finally were able to start “running”. As much as I love to run, I would not be where I am now without changing the way I ate. I believe the way we eat is the #1 factor in the way we feel.

Here are ten simple steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Food is Fuel. I heard this from a sales trainer of all places and it clicked. I had been eating for all the wrong reasons. The food tasted good or to meet with friends or just because it was there. Eating the right food to produce as much energy as possible to help you accomplish your goals was not a concept I was taught growing up. Remember that what you eat will propel you toward your goals or hold you back from taking the action necessary to accomplish them.
  2. Portion Control. When I first started my journey, I ate out of a salsa bowl for six months. I had to control my habit of overeating. I would start with less food and I noticed that I would feel full faster. I had been eating 4 to 10 times the amount of food I needed to be satisfied. This made an immediate impact on my attitude toward eating. I started finding it easier to control my urge for a second helping of food and dessert.
  3. Simplified Meals. When I started eating less, I noticed it was easier to eat more simplified meals. The fewer ingredients, the less I ate. Why? There have been studies showing that we look to eat an “even” amount of food we’re presented. If we have two options, we’ll eat about the same of each option. When we’re presented 10 options, we’ll eat about the same of each option. Think about the last time you were at a buffet. I’ll have a little of this and that and the other thing. Next thing you know you’re headed for another plate because you couldn’t get everything you wanted the first time.
  4. Don’t eat out. I used to love eating out. When I was growing up, every Friday was family night and we’d go out somewhere special. What I didn’t realize is we were eating out a couple times a week as a family and I was eating out every day during the week for lunch. Not only is the food processed and full of chemicals, but it’s nearly impossible to portion control when you’re at a restaurant for many reasons. Don’t forget about dessert! And did I mention I used to love “All you can eat” restaurants? I look back and think to myself, no wonder I had gotten so big…
  5. Cut out added sugar. This has been one of the most difficult steps for me. I grew up not knowing how bad sugar was for me. I thought a Coke was good for you because there was no fat in it… It’s ok, you can laugh- I really deserve it. I had no idea the process our body goes through when sugar is ingested. I could go on and on about my distain for sugar, but I’ll make it simple. I believe added sugar is killing us. I get a majority of my sugar and carbs from fruits and veggies. Since I have made a conscious effort to cut out added sugar, I have seen positive changes in my body and mind I can’t explain. Yes, I still have some ice cream or a “mini” candy bar every now and then. But, I you better believe I read the labels to know what I’m eating. You’d be surprised how many products have added sugar. If it’s packaged, there’s a good chance it has added sugar…
  6. Read the label. This has been huge for me. Read the label before you buy the product. There is nothing worse than starting dinner and seeing what you’re about to cook for the first time… It makes me sick to see some of the ingredients that are in “healthy” foods… A couple rules I follow- if sugar is in the top 3 ingredients, it’s probably not good for you. The few ingredients the better (and you should be able to pronounce all of them). If you can eat food without a label, you’re probably better off. I can’t remember the last time I bought a piece of natural fruit and had to the read the ingredients.
  7. Be flexible and try new things. Let’s face it, if we eat the same thing every day we’re going to get tired of it and we’ll go back to the same unhealthy habits we’ve always had. We live in the age of “unlimited information”. There is absolutely no reason for you to get bored with healthy food. There are thousands of people who have taken the time to make healthy food taste good and they’ve put their recipes online for free. And believe it or not, eating healthy is actually cheaper than eating unhealthy. Yes fruit, veggies and meat cost more upfront, but think about all the money you spend on snacks, candy, soda, eating out, over eating etc. Not to mention the extra doctor bills for living an unhealthy lifestyle.
  8. Develop a “diet” that you don’t have to cheat on. Don’t give up, replace. Pick your favorite recipe right now and find a healthier way to make it. If you feel deprived, you’ll go back to your old ways. But if you feel satisfied and don’t get bored because you’re trying something new all the time, you will stick to your new way of eating. I have bad eating days like everyone else, but I don’t plan a “cheat day” because I’m miserable with the next fad diet I’m trying this week.
  9. Don’t give up! Just because you had a bad day doesn’t mean all your progress is gone. If there is one thing I’m extremely good at, it’s persistence. I have had more bad eating days in the last three years than most people would believe. My rules for getting back on track. Don’t dwell on a bad eating day, don’t have two bad eating days in a row, and don’t have more than three bad eating days in a week. You can’t go forward if you’re looking in the rear view mirror. You also can’t out run a bad diet. (You can justify eating bad because you exercise!)
  10. Take a walk. “Motion creates emotion” Sometimes all you need is to get your blood flowing to change your mood. There are days that I want to sit at home and eat everything in the fridge and pantry. My best remedy is to get out of the house! It doesn’t matter what I do as long as I can get my mind off eating. You’d be surprised how many calories and how much guilt can be avoided by simply walking away from the kitchen!

The steps to eating better are fairly simple- eat less, eat healthier and take a walk. But as Jim Rohn says, “What’s easy to do is also easy not to do”. No one has control over what you put in your body except you. You are the only person who can hold yourself accountable. The best advice I can give you is to make up your mind you want to change and take action right now to move you in the direction you want to go. If you wait until tomorrow to start, you’ll never accomplish anything today.

Just Think!

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How are you using your resources?

“Will power and desire, when properly combined, make an irresistible pair. Men who accumulate great fortunes are generally know as cold-blooded and sometimes ruthless. Often they are misunderstood. What they have is will power, which they mix with persistence, and place back of their desires to insure the attainment of the objectives. -Napoleon Hill

The will power it takes to STOP and THINK weighs ounces while the mental weight of drifting and not thinking weighs tons.

Questions cause us to think and when we think for ourselves, we learn to control ourselves and our actions. When we take control of our mind, we take control of our body…

Then and only then can we take control of our future.

Asking questions with the curiosity to understand and build out a self evaluation process gives a person the ability to break free from the distractions and expectations of their environment and regain the steps toward personal power through difficult yet positive forward progress in the direction of their personal goals and dreams.

Gain your Personal Power through learning to modify your mindset, create your behaviors, and build your positive environment. With enough power from within, your strong spirit will awaken and the hidden “other self” will come alive. It is when and only when we awaken our “other self” that we can move beyond our current limitations to the impossible.

Do not fight the struggle.
Do not fight the discomfort.
Do not fight the growth.

Learn to embrace the discomfort but do not develop negative feelings about it. It is not about running yourself down but awakening a part of you you didn’t know existed. We do not get there overnight. The struggle is long to find out if our commitment is strong enough.

Every adversity is a test.

A test of mind.
A test of body.
A test of spirit.
A test of courage.
A test of strength.

A test of our ability to continue moving forward with patience and persistence toward a predetermined goal or outcome.

“Millions of people have questioned my power… I ask no person to believe in me. I prefer people fear me. I am no beggar! I take what I want by cleverness and force. Begging people to believe is the business of my opposition- not mine… I get what I want by exercising self-control. I suggest you emulate me instead of criticizing me. You call yourself a thinker and you are… but you will never be the sort of thinker that frightens me unless you gain and exercise greater control over your mind and emotions.”

“Outwitting the Devil” Napoleon Hill (1938)

Who believes in YOU?

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Thank you for the reflection through your perception of my past self. You may not see what actions I am taking today to create a better version of myself for tomorrow and that’s ok… I’m not improving to impress you but to grow from within to love and empower myself.

Then Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives, and in his own household is a prophet without honor.”

Mark 6:4

We all need something to believe in…

Why not try believing in yourself for a change?

Why does a “diet” or an exercise routine work right away?

Why does a weight loss pill or product work right away?

Why is the weight loss success ratio only 5%?

Is it really more complicated than calories in, calories out??

Well, yes and no.

At the end of the day we know we have to eat right and move. There are many different positive eating plans and exercise routines, but why is it so dang hard to follow the routine??

Have you ever thought about the cause?

Have you looked at someone else and asked them how they did it?

Have you ever wondered “why not me??”?

Worse yet, have you ever followed this person’s “way” or “guidance” and landed flat on your face?

I know you have. I sure have. I think we all have!! So don’t get any more discouraged than you already are. But you do have to know you are the problem…

But the good news about you being the problem, YOU are the solution!

Do you believe you deserve success?

Do you believe you CAN (not should) lose weight?

Do you believe you WANT to lose weight? Really, look deep down inside… DO YOU REALLY WANT to lose weight??

If you didn’t answer an astounding YES to these previous questions… do you see where the G.A.P. is between where you are and where you want to be?

“Where your mind goes, your energy flows.”

If you don’t think or believe in yourself, your actions will follow…

The importance of incremental progress is so you can keep up with yourself…

You must first have a vision and a belief in your vision.

Then you can start to see your true potential.

When you begin to see your own potential, you will begin to take action to live out your potential.

Once you start taking action, you will begin to see results.

Rinse and Repeat

When you begin to win, you will be able to see your vision in a better light and you can begin the positive cycle again. Win again, grow again. Fail again, get discouraged and step backward…

You cannot move farther than you can see unless you close your eyes and jump… the only problem with jumping is we are held back with inaction because of the fear of the unknown.

Is your current environment holding you back? Need help finding your way forward?

Let me help you see the vision forward for yourself. I promise you won’t ever see yourself the same again.

Feel free to schedule a call today to see how we can work together!