Just THINK!?

Learning to think by enthusiastically asking questions.

Over the past 20 years, I have spent my time and energy learning about the subject I love the most; people. I am passionately curious about what we do, why we do it and what we hope to gain from our thoughts and actions. Using my simple philosophy of enthusiastically asking questions, I spend my days coaching, speaking and writing to help people challenge their current thought and action processes.

I created my personal growth and development philosophy on my journey that started as an unhealthy 400 pound couch potato. I lost 200 pounds and I taught myself to become an elite ultra-athlete completing numerous 100 mile ultra-marathons including the famous Leadville Trail 100 mile race in the highest mountains of Colorado. I founded Just THINK!? to help people remove the overwhelming and cluttered thoughts of anxiety so that they can have the courage and strength to take the first step forward toward the process of building the lifestyle they want to live.


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JUST THINK!?: How will you take your first step!?

I hold a degree focused in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Wyoming. In addition, I am certified in Behavioral Change and Personal Training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as D.I.S.C. personality assessments with the John Maxwell Team.

I am available as a speaker, coach and content creator for individuals, groups, and organizations. Please feel free to reach out and schedule a complimentary call to find out how I can help move you forward toward your goals.