Moment of Gratitude

Please let me introduce the man who saved my life. The coach, the mentor, the friend I worked so hard to find. He has stayed in the shadows as we have walked through the deepest darkest bottoms. He has stood with me on the highest brightest mountains.

He taught me to move.

He taught me to feel.

He taught me to breathe.

Most importantly, he taught me to think.
He has traveled many miles alongside me in heart and mind. He convinced me if it is going to be it is up to me to shut my mouth and follow the process with my body.

He has felt the bone crushing tears stream right through me and cheered for me while no one was watching.

He is firm yet fair, teaching me how to focus my attention toward my one intentional direction. He remained patiently persistent with me as we committed to consistency over all else. During the most difficult times he would remove every layer of assistance from me to stimulate creative intelligence as I had to overcome challenges and hardships with no assistance.

He always knew it was more important to fail at something we wanted than to settle for less than we desired. He would remind me that for a baby to learn to walk, the parent must let go and let the baby learn to get back up over and over again.

The constant reminder to try this way and that way… we learn as much from how not to do than we do from doing it ‘until’ we succeed.

He would wait for me to scream and yell and laugh and cry as I struggled and clawed and found my own path to the top always standing there with his great big grin reaching palm up to pull me the last step through. He would challenge me to review anything and everything I did to grow personally while we dissected the new potential I discovered.

He taught me to coach. To listen, to hear, to mix intelligent emotion gives all who you speak a firm foot forward

He forced me to write. When you have only yourself, you must learn to understand yourself. The greatest book you will ever write is the handwritten notebook you pass onto your kids with all the wisdom money cannot buy.

He built my communication skills as powerful as a hurricane. Your duty is to have the ability to give any man, woman, or child your full and undivided attention so they know you see them, you must hear every word they say and every word their body shows. Most importantly you should leave them better than you found them through your powerful communication mixed with forceful positive enthusiasm which leaves them with butterflies floating around inside.

As I pass on the lessons I’ve learned from and grown to discover a potential far beyond my comprehension, I hope you will explore the knowledge and understanding to build wisdom you can take on your journey.

To the man who changed my life and picked me up at rock bottom and built me into the man I am today…

I owe you everything I have and all I still have to gain in the pursuit to follow my promise. 

Leave a Profit everywhere I go with all I meet which will sure make me very difficult to beat.

How will you Climb Your Mountain?

Focused Awareness

Intentional Disciplines

Build Confidence

Accept your Worth

Overcoming Challenges Stimulates Personal Power and Discovery of Your New Potential

2 thoughts on “Moment of Gratitude

  1. The person you speak of is YOU! Whether I hear it channeled through the mouths of others, through my inner being or the universe. It’s still ME


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