Joy is my Home

Please let me introduce the man who taught me about Unlimited Energy and Joy.

There have been some highs and lows over the past couple years. They used to come so quickly and go so swiftly a therapist was trying to medicate me into oblivion because she swore I was bipolar.

It took about 4-6 weeks after I stopped drinking to begin to understand how to reduce my anxiety and overcome my depression from the identity tension I worked to release.

A year of relentlessly studying the mind gave me a new perspective on how we function through mental health struggles. I was enjoying my studies so I added more people and self education and began to explore new ideas and expand my personal philosophy on change.

Toward the end of summer in 2019, I found myself without the comfort of a home and living in the backseat of my tiny GEO Prism parked behind a Walmart in Denver.

The first day I woke up there, I thought I would be full of disappointment and shame. I got a little more than I expected…

I work up and watched the sunrise over the eastern plains snuggled up in my sleeping back pouring my tears of Joy onto the pages of my journal, also asking myself how the hell I was going to overcome the challenges I was presented with.

As if from nowhere, I was introduced to the man I needed more than anyone else in the world. He stands just over six feet tall and has a smile as energetic as the Sun.

He too had been through many hardships and we shared a mutual life situation. This man fascinates me. Still to this day, no matter how difficult his struggles, he finds a way to step back, see the situation from a different perspective, and stimulates a solid mix of intelligence and creativity to overcome challenges and walk through adversities… all while keeping his head up and smile faced forward.

“Hope is the ability to profit from and setback. By becoming more than you are, you can overcome more than you did yesterday.”


Joy is the number one lesson I have learned from him.

I have seen him homeless and hungry. I just sit back watch him be alone and lonely. The most incredible impact he has made on me is to use his situation to his advantage. There seems to be nothing he fears and I done know if risk even registers in his mind.
You should see him…

The way he works while no one is watching.




The way he projects attention.




The way he processes life.




I have seen him lose everything, multiple times, and stand right back up to face the exact challenge that beat him down… and win.

I have seen him walk up to strangers on the street and in their office and pass right through into the deepest part of their soul to give them everything that cannot buy.

I sit in awe of how he swiftly moves without effort, speaks with force yet care, and he has yet to prove to me there is nothing he won’t try at least once.

To see how people pick him off the street and the kindness he gives them.

To watch him give his attention so freely to those who need it more than he does.

I am amazed at how he takes a hard day and washes it away with some kind words to himself and a quick rest on his pillow before he wakes up and does it all over again with a smile.

I have asked him many times how he does it.

What drives you to keep giving to everyone you meet?

Why do you give away all your kindness?

When do you take time for yourself?

Who do you go to for support and encouragement?

How do you have unlimited energy?

Where can I learn to be full of Joy?

As he always does, he simplified everything to a few gentle steps forward.

Fresh air is the best care and self care is needed care. If your Emotional Battery is empty, you cannot give to others. It is just as important to keep your Mindset Positive through forced repetition of Gratitude. Lastly, treat your body as if it were the most important mechanical tool on the planet for it will help you or hinder you in the direction of your goals.

Here are the 3 categories with 6 steps to create Unlimited Energy from WITHIN.

Mind- To overcome challenges, you must learn to balance each side of your mind to reduce anxiety and increase motivation.

•Intellectual Stimulation

•Creative Expression

Body- Motion is the key to life as nothing is in the same place it was a second ago and will only be here in the current moment. If you don’t choose where you’re going, you’ll simply go where you are put.

•Physical Exertion

•Feeling of Progress

Soul- The energy of the Universe needs no explanation, yet without acceptance of it’s existence, you will fight a ghost as powerful and invisible as gravity.

•Emotional Connection

•Spiritual Release

As you step forward in your life, it is important to find balance and stimulate growth and discovery in each area. I life to heavy in one area will begin to be overrun with dissatisfaction and disappointment.
Positivity and Negativity cannot occupy a person at the same time. You must learn to choose Joy or Fear will quickly overtake you drifting down the path of misery and failure.

Do not be overwhelmed of the list as you will begin where you are and grow into the person you need and want to become on the journey of life. Be intentional and remain focused and there is no greater force than a man with purposeful action.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life… how will you live today?

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