Where did our common sense go!?

Suffering through disagreement and discontent

Where did our common sense go?

If we do good, good comes back.

If we do bad, bad comes back.

If we give, we will receive.

If we love, we discover be love.

If we hate, we find be hatred.

If we eat poorly, poor health will follow.

If we sit stagnate, the body will deteriorate.

If we move, we will create motion.

If we overspend, we will overpay.

If we save, we will gain.

If we lack tolerance, we will become intolerant.

If we lose self-discipline, the universe will discipline us.

Cultural media and marketing platforms have modified social norms to manipulate expectations and condition emotional reactions. Media and marketing has changed the perception of reality and disconnected the common sense of cause and effect. There are millions of people who believe they can get before they give. Many who look at wood and expect heat… before they build the fire.  

The loss of common sense is the great tragedy of life.

The Laws of the Universe have been set forth by a force much greater than human comprehension. Man cannot cheat or change the laws.

What we focus on is what we get.

We might not like the laws.

We may have temporary feelings about the laws.

We cannot, however, change the laws…

They Laws of the Universe are the laws of the universe and they cannot be changed by man. If humans do not reconnect to common sense and self-discipline, the universe will continue to discipline humans into nonexistence through immense physical pain and emotional suffering.

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