Going on a Diet?

E.A.T. your words

The best diet you’ve never heard of.

Words matter: How you talk to yourself and others effects your thoughts, actions and attitude as well as how you respond to adversity and setbacks.



Automatic Thought

Turnaround Thought

How does this idea “fit” into real life?

Think about the last time you did everything “right” and you didn’t receive the outcome you believed you deserved…

Watching the scale is a very good example for this concept.

You did everything according to your plan this week. You met your exercise goal every day. You ate within your boundaries every day too. You reviewed your thoughts, feelings and actions on a daily basis because you took the personal responsibility to journal every day too.

BUT, you step on the scale and nothing happened!!

WHAT??!! How could this happen to ME??!!

The emotion of frustration and justification is triggered and you start the downward spiral toward the poor behavioral patterns that created your situation as it is today… so off to the kitchen you go!…

Does this sound familiar? It does for me because it is an actual example from my own life.

The question is; how do I create a better situation so I can change my thoughts, attitude and keep myself from the downward spiral of poor decisions and behavior?

E.A.T. your words.

Pull out your journal, take a deep breath and dive into reality.

What is your emotion? Frustration

What is your automated thought? I did everything “right” and I “deserve” to lose weight this week! UGH!

How do we turnaround our thoughts back toward reality? I REALLY want to lose weight and I did everything I believed I needed to in order to change the number on the scale this week but I understand the scale is just a number and it is an imperfect measure of success. I will not allow this short term frustration to derail my success. I will continue to follow my eating and exercise plan so I can move forward toward my long term goal of feeling better about myself, creating the energy I want and living the fit and healthy lifestyle I deserve!

I will control my emotions so I can control my attitude which will help me control my actions. I am going to take a walk for fresh air and to clear my head so I can move forward in a positive direction today.

Sounds to simple right?

That’s because it is that “simple”… but it isn’t easy. Learning to create the self-awareness to STOP and take a breath can be the most difficult moment because of the intense level of emotion and the behavioral patterns that follow the emotional triggers. Learning to understand and redirect our emotion can allow us to redirect our motion in a positive direction.

How you talk to yourself can make or break your success… don’t forget to E.A.T. your words.

Those who learn to be committed to consistency will eventually be captured by success. –Gary

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