How to Walk Through Fear

I took a deep breath in and let out the biggest relieving breath of my life…

Knock… Knock… Knock…

My head went in circles. My doubt screamed. My heart raced. My smile gleamed.
I knew I could never let the fear and anxiety be seen on the outside… this was the moment I’ve been growing for the last 90 days.

A familiar smile glanced with soft eyes and he greeted me with a quiet hello.

I introduced myself for the third time in 7 months and once again asked for a small favor to get my book in front of someone who might be able to assist me in growing my business.

He looked at me and said the CEO was in today, while he asked if I would like to meet Mr. G?

My heart burst and my smile exploded as I did anything and everything I could to contain my excitement.
It was the longest 100 seconds of my life waiting to be greeted by a man I have admired for years. I have read his books, studied his mentor, consumed any and all information I can from the foundation he leads… and now I was sitting in his office stacked with books and manuscripts about health, wealth, and happiness piled floor to ceiling in every direction.

He asked me a question as I laid 3 of my own books on his desk. I answered as effectively and efficiently as possible. He asked another question and I fumbled over my words. He asked one more and I followed through a little better this time.

Not knowing how much time I had, I spoke for thirty seconds on how influential his life’s work has been to me. I let him know without the books and audios and wisdom he has helped get into my hands, I would not be the man I am today…

He grined with the southern twang in his heart and began telling me the story of his life. He is a son of a coal miner who was given the gift of self education from a young age. He spoke of how he built his first million dollars. He told me of the legacy he hopes to leave when his work is done.

He looked at me and asked me if I knew this meeting should have cost me?…

I politely replied no sir, I don’t know.

He spoke a number if takes me several months to make…

I looked at him and thanked him for his generosity and time knowing this was cue my meeting was coming to an end.
He had me reach down and grab a book off his shelf. As he signed it, he looked at me with a smile. Here’s my personal number, call me in a week. I’ll give you a chance and read your book. We will talk about how I can help you.

With a calm smile, never taking my eyes off of his, I took a deep breath not knowing what was going to happen tomorrow, but today… 

I walked through my fear and hit the jackpot. I drove all the way across the country and knocked on the door of my future.

It opened.

And today is the first day of the rest of my life. I don’t know where I’m going, yet I know the step I take today will be full of all I can give knowing I am doing the best I can as what we do today effects ALL of our tomorrows.

Walk through your Fear…
Take a calm deep breath in.
Exhale with force to relieve the anxiety.
What is my fear?
Why am I fearful?
What is the best possible outcome?
What is the worst possible outcome?
What is the most likely outcome?
How will I take the best first step forward?
Now GO! Take the first step NOW!

Thought fills the empty space in our mind and the moment you hesitate, you’ve lost.
Take the step through the fear in your mind and watch your dreams come true in reality.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…How will you move forward?

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