Forced Repetition of the Mundane

Do you honestly think personal growth and discovery of your potential is easy?

This is a serious question.

What makes you believe success is easy?If it was easy… it would bring Joy to achieve it.

Why would you believe success is sexy?I understand a few best sellers and cultural icons glorify a few social media posts… but if you look at what’s beyond the camera, you’ll find years of forced repetition of small incremental steps toward what they project today.

How do you think people become successful at their goals?It really is simple… it isn’t easy, but it’s simple… and it probably a lot more boring than you would believe.

We can even use YOU as an example of the process of success.

What is your greatest strength?
Why is it your greatest strength?
How did you become so strong in this area?Where did you start?
When did you begin working on this area?
Who supported and encouraged you to keep moving forward?

As you answer some of these questions and begin to evaluate the journey from where you were to where you are now, how easy was it?

Was it as sexy as the social media icons say it is?

Was there major pain and suffering like the cultural icons glorify as the way to self-growth?

Was it a straight line of perfection free of obstacles and challenges?

If it was, congratulations, you’re awesome. I would love to know exactly how you did it.

If it wasn’t, welcome to the club of real life where success is a process and a series of seemingly small steps of carefully crafted mundane tasks that add up to courage to step forward, strength to keep going, and power to overcome challenges and adversities along the way.

If success was easy, what would be the point?

Are you tired of starting over with a new pill or product?

Are you ready to leave the pain and suffering behind so you can begin to understand self care and better communication with yourself?

Success is a process which is teachable and repeatable in Business, Fitness, and Life. If you’re ready for a guide as you begin finding a positive step in the best direction for you, call me, I’ll walk with you.

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