Challenges Lead to Stimulation and Growth

Life is Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

Humans tend to shy away from that which will heal their heart, mind and body. It is not in avoiding pain but understanding pain that creates strength and courage. This is not to say that one must ‘grind’ their mind and body into the ground to create ‘toughness’ to gain a benefit for the future. Learning to let go of suffering creates power.

The key is to understand ‘strength’ is built through overcoming adversity and healing from setbacks. Facing fear and failure, heartbreak and loss with patience and persistence in an intentional positive direction toward a predetermined goal or desired outcome.

It is not the act of pain and suffering but the human misunderstanding and inability to cope with these natural conditions of life that causes the internal discord of ‘grinding’ and whittling away one’s self worth.

It is only when we become strong and courageous enough to stand in the darkness of our own mind that we can confront the pain and challenges; to shed love and light on ourselves and grow our heart and mind out of the darkest shadows.

During my process we learn to understand darkness and despair. We develop the strength and skills, not to avoid pain and challenges but allow ourselves the grace to embrace the short-term experience of pain knowing avoidance of challenges will cause long-term suffering.

Pain is a gift if we allow it to come and go without the instinctive need to control or avoid the discomfort. Pain and challenges will heal and grow the human spirit through acceptance and understanding releasing the detrimental emotions of regret, guilt, and shame that weigh down the human spirit.

Only through my process of gaining knowledge and understanding can we discover the root cause of our pain. We must learn to disrupt the numb feeling of comfort to begin the process of healing. Looking deeper toward the root cause of what ails our mind and body.

We can learn to heal our mind and body through understanding and wisdom. As suffering drifts away, it is replaced with happiness and joy.

Discomfort and Challenges may not make us feel better but learning from the pain will make us well.

The difference between a cow and a Buffalo is a cow walks toward short-term comfort and a Buffalo runs through the storm…

Learn to RUN like a Buffalo.

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