Master your Self Talk Monster

Master your Self Talk Monster…

The voices in your head that speak to you, can help you or hinder you… do you master your mind or does your mind master you?

What does your voice say?

Why does it speak as it does?

How can you become the master of the voices in your head?


Practice… Practice… Practice…

Practice doesn’t make perfect.

Practice doesn’t make permanent.

Practice builds power… and Power is what you will want and need to master the voice.

But…, what kind of POWER do I need?

Personal Power.


Because Personal Power is the power over CHOICE. When we learn to have Power over our choices, we can create better thoughts, which lead to an improvement in behaviors, which stimulates better emotions…

It is not in doing everything or nothing, forever or never… Personal Power over our Choices is about having the ability to balance what we want now and what we want in the future in order to achieve our short-term indulgences of happiness and our long term desire for Joy. When we learn the to grow the Power of Choice, there is nothing we must ‘give up’ because we always have the right to change our mind… yet later in the process, once we learn we do not “need” something anymore… we enjoy making the ability to choose not to have it.

This is where JOY is built.

Back to building Personal Power over our Choices by mastering the Self Talk Monster that lives in our head…

Power is built through repetition.

The repetitions consist of Courage plus Strength.

Think of a squat or a pushup for a moment. It takes courage to drop down and strength to push ourselves back up. If we cannot do one… then we use assistance. There is no shame in not being able to do one repetition. IF you feel shameful or embarrassed for not being able to do one- that is your negative self-talk monster talking and it has control over the emotional ego monster… and that is what is holding you back from taking the first step.

With each repetition of courage to let go and the strength to push you back up, you build your muscles which creates power. With each PROPER repetition, you grow stronger and stronger. THEN!!!!! Do not forget to rest! After working out, in our mind or our body, we MUST REST! It is extremely important to rest and recover properly to give our mind and muscles an opportunity to rejuvenate and grow stronger.

With each passing day, you will notice the amount of risk to take the first step lowers due to the confidence you are gaining. With increased confidence, there is less courage needed to let go and start the first repetition. With less mental energy needed to start, you will notice you have more physical energy to push you back up which leads to MORE reps AND BETTER reps!




Oh…, you thought we were still talking about the physical, weren’t you?

I know because we were focused on an example most of us can understand. A squat and push up is nothing more than a physical way for me to explain something mental, that takes place in the mind. With each mental push up, with each mental squat, with each positive repetition of positive self-talk through gratitude and encouraging language, we begin to develop the same Power in our mind.

That is really cool, isn’t it!?

As you work to create better decision-making skills through simple repetitions of positive self-talk and gratitude, you will begin to notice your mindset gaining strength and courage. You will notice hard things getting more simple. You will notice your choices starting to line up toward your goals more often. You will feel yourself winning more and losing less… which means something is happening inside you…

You are growing.

You are doing great!

You are uncovering your next level of personal discovery!

So, how do you do this?


Not easy…

But Simple…

I prefer to start in the morning. This gives you the best opportunity to win and start your day in the most positive direction we can.

Start small, with nothing more than awareness of the process being the goal.

Remember, where we start and where we end are NOT the same place. Give yourself the grace to start where you are and trust yourself to know you will grow into who you want to be.

Here we go.

STOP! And be still.

Take some breaths to calm your mind and your heart.

Close your eyes.

Take a HUGE deep breath in… breathe in the Sunshine.

Let go of a HUGE relieving exhale…. AAAHHHHHHH……. Breathe out the Darkness.

Ask these questions softly and gently.

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling this way?

How do I want to feel the rest of my day?

What is my best first in the direction of this feeling?

Now, GO! Before the moment breaks, take the step into your day!

Fear fills the empty space between thought and action. The moment you hesitate, you lost.

Take the breath.

Take the step.

Take back your Power over the next step toward the rest of your life.

Always cheering for you,


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