Just Think!

How are you using your resources?

“Will power and desire, when properly combined, make an irresistible pair. Men who accumulate great fortunes are generally know as cold-blooded and sometimes ruthless. Often they are misunderstood. What they have is will power, which they mix with persistence, and place back of their desires to insure the attainment of the objectives. -Napoleon Hill

The will power it takes to STOP and THINK weighs ounces while the mental weight of drifting and not thinking weighs tons.

Questions cause us to think and when we think for ourselves, we learn to control ourselves and our actions. When we take control of our mind, we take control of our body…

Then and only then can we take control of our future.

Asking questions with the curiosity to understand and build out a self evaluation process gives a person the ability to break free from the distractions and expectations of their environment and regain the steps toward personal power through difficult yet positive forward progress in the direction of their personal goals and dreams.

Gain your Personal Power through learning to modify your mindset, create your behaviors, and build your positive environment. With enough power from within, your strong spirit will awaken and the hidden “other self” will come alive. It is when and only when we awaken our “other self” that we can move beyond our current limitations to the impossible.

Do not fight the struggle.
Do not fight the discomfort.
Do not fight the growth.

Learn to embrace the discomfort but do not develop negative feelings about it. It is not about running yourself down but awakening a part of you you didn’t know existed. We do not get there overnight. The struggle is long to find out if our commitment is strong enough.

Every adversity is a test.

A test of mind.
A test of body.
A test of spirit.
A test of courage.
A test of strength.

A test of our ability to continue moving forward with patience and persistence toward a predetermined goal or outcome.

“Millions of people have questioned my power… I ask no person to believe in me. I prefer people fear me. I am no beggar! I take what I want by cleverness and force. Begging people to believe is the business of my opposition- not mine… I get what I want by exercising self-control. I suggest you emulate me instead of criticizing me. You call yourself a thinker and you are… but you will never be the sort of thinker that frightens me unless you gain and exercise greater control over your mind and emotions.”

“Outwitting the Devil” Napoleon Hill (1938)

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