Who believes in YOU?

Thank you for the reflection through your perception of my past self. You may not see what actions I am taking today to create a better version of myself for tomorrow and that’s ok… I’m not improving to impress you but to grow from within to love and empower myself.

Then Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives, and in his own household is a prophet without honor.”

Mark 6:4

We all need something to believe in…

Why not try believing in yourself for a change?

Why does a “diet” or an exercise routine work right away?

Why does a weight loss pill or product work right away?

Why is the weight loss success ratio only 5%?

Is it really more complicated than calories in, calories out??

Well, yes and no.

At the end of the day we know we have to eat right and move. There are many different positive eating plans and exercise routines, but why is it so dang hard to follow the routine??

Have you ever thought about the cause?

Have you looked at someone else and asked them how they did it?

Have you ever wondered “why not me??”?

Worse yet, have you ever followed this person’s “way” or “guidance” and landed flat on your face?

I know you have. I sure have. I think we all have!! So don’t get any more discouraged than you already are. But you do have to know you are the problem…

But the good news about you being the problem, YOU are the solution!

Do you believe you deserve success?

Do you believe you CAN (not should) lose weight?

Do you believe you WANT to lose weight? Really, look deep down inside… DO YOU REALLY WANT to lose weight??

If you didn’t answer an astounding YES to these previous questions… do you see where the G.A.P. is between where you are and where you want to be?

“Where your mind goes, your energy flows.”

If you don’t think or believe in yourself, your actions will follow…

The importance of incremental progress is so you can keep up with yourself…

You must first have a vision and a belief in your vision.

Then you can start to see your true potential.

When you begin to see your own potential, you will begin to take action to live out your potential.

Once you start taking action, you will begin to see results.

Rinse and Repeat

When you begin to win, you will be able to see your vision in a better light and you can begin the positive cycle again. Win again, grow again. Fail again, get discouraged and step backward…

You cannot move farther than you can see unless you close your eyes and jump… the only problem with jumping is we are held back with inaction because of the fear of the unknown.

Is your current environment holding you back? Need help finding your way forward?

Let me help you see the vision forward for yourself. I promise you won’t ever see yourself the same again.

Feel free to schedule a call today to see how we can work together! https://coachgary.as.me/tackaction

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