Corner of Sunshine and Hope: Audio Book

If you want to listen to my new book in audio form- Here you go! Of course I it would be great if you picked up a copy from myself or Amazon, but I would rather you have access to the information right now. With the difficulties of life and the uncertainty of the future, the value in the information is far more important to me than the money. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have any feedback, questions or would like to set up a one on one strategy session.

The Corner of Sunshine and Hope is a quick and simple read that mixes part of my personal story and teaches you the simple and effective process I have used to create a positive mindset toward a forward direction even when life is most difficult. I show you how to begin journaling your way out of painful and destructive thoughts and actions. My process mixes Journaling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Guided Self Coaching to help you find love and light even in the darkest night.

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