How will you handle adversity!?

Journaling has become part of my life and I am so thankful.  10 months ago when Coach Gary suggested I start journaling, I did. I did it more for him because he asked me to try it.  Today, it is part of my daily routine and I am so thankful.  I now journal for ME.  Yesterday was an extremely hard day in these tough times.  I hated the way that I felt.

After journaling yesterday, I felt like a huge weight was off of my chest.  10 months ago, I would have had more than one bad day, but because of my outlet to journal, my bad DAYS turned into just a DAY.  If you don’t journal, do yourself a favor and try.

I would like to share my journal from today…..

You make them…
What will you CHOOSE today?
Let’s be honest..times are tough. I would by lying if I said the following things have not gone through my head in the last 2 weeks….When will I go back to work? Will I get paid? Will my friends and family be ok? Will my students and their families be ok? What will happen with school? Will I teach from home? How will I mentally make it being home by myself during the day without John? Will he be ok at work? Why is this happening? When will it be over? What about all the unknowns? Will everything shut down?

When I look back at all the questions, they have ONE THING in common.

They are all things I have no control over. So I need to make a CHOICE..will I choose to worry, stress, feel anxious, be upset and fearful or will I choose something that is healthier and do what’s best for me?
Yesterday, I CHOSE to worry, stress, cry, be a hermit, stay in bed, and have a negative attitude. The day was awful in the life of Becky.
Today is a new day and I have a CHOICE. What will I do with it? I will tell you, I am doing what I NEED to do to be happy. It may not be the same things as you. To have a successful day today,

I will:

*Walk 4 miles-DONE (It was beautiful out. The sun is shining and the birds are singing), *Write in my journal-DONE (you are reading it)
*Read outside
*Think positive
*Limit my time on FB
*1 chore around the house
*Stay away from the news.
**I clearly need a schedule to keep busy.
What do you need?  
I made the choice to share my journal entry today. I share it with the hopes that one person gains something from it. So many of us are struggling. I CHOSE to be miserable yesterday and that is how my day was. I am CHOOSING to have a better day today and it is already wonderful!!
Remember: Each day you may not have control over what happens in your life, but you do have the choice of how YOU react to what is going on. You make the CHOICE. Make a great one ❤

Becky Crawford
Thank you so much for sharing your experience Becky!
Are you interested in making a positive change in your life?
I have a limited number of spaces open and I would love the opportunity to chat with you and see if we are a match.

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