Who’s to blame?

You’d be surprised how much can change in 90 days.

And 6 months, too.

A year could be the transformation you’ve always dreamed of.

There is one thing that needs to move for all of the above to be brought to you.


For the results of your decisions to change, it is up to you to change your actions.

For the environment to change, it is up to you to change your environment.

For your thoughts to change, it is up to you to change your thoughts.

For your emotions to change, it is up to you to change your emotions.

When a farmer harvests their crops in the season of fall and decides they want to harvest a different crop the following year, they plant a different seed. We would look on them as foolish if they planted the same seed they always planted and expected a different result… yet as society, likely due to poor education and cultural influences, we believe that it is outside circumstances which create the lives we live.

To learn personal responsibility and self-discipline is to learn to gain personal power over individuality toward a more joyful life.

Notice the concept is personal responsibility AND self-discipline. The importance is to understand each supports the other.

Personal responsibility is to do what is in one’s best interest while self-discipline is taking the action which will create a more desirable outcome in the future. To have power over one’s self requires an individual to take into consideration what actions are taken today effect all of their tomorrows. Often, due to social and cultural influences, an individual believes they can do ‘live for today’ with no regard for the outcomes or consequences from their decisions and actions.

For one to ‘live for today’ to only gain pleasure for oneself and then pass off the consequences of their thoughts and actions onto another later is not freedom, but irresponsibility. To pass on the undesirable results onto others without regard for the actions each individual participated in shows a lack of maturity.

The importance of the lesson, knowing the mind remembers everything and the universe is always keeping score, is to understand we cannot cheat the laws she has laid out for us. There is no thought that can be unthinked, there is no action that be undone, there is no emotion which can go unfelt…

To know and understand and to accept what is, while letting go of what is not, is to allow each individual to design their life in a more positive way which will allow more positive thoughts, actions, and environmental influences to enter their life.

To build the foundation of personal responsibility through self-discipline will go a long way to providing an individual with the strength and courage to think more positive thoughts, take more positive actions, and feel more positive emotions while they learn to gain the personal power from with so they may crowd out the necessary need to control situations and overindulge in the freedom of ‘living for today’ while disregarding any care or responsibility for tomorrow.

It is in having the foresight for tomorrow that allows us to live for today providing the peace from within for all of our yesterdays giving us the power to focus on the life we live today with happiness and joy built within.

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