Success is Spelled ACTION!


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Success is Spelled ACTION! is a book on how to create consistent forward progress in business, fitness, and life. The ideas in the book are my interpretation of some of the most influential coaches, speakers and writers who have left their knowledge and wisdom behind for us to profit from. Their information has given me an understanding of success and failure which has allowed me to build my own life. I have the opportunity to pass along the information to you, mixed with real experiences you can use to move forward toward the goals and dreams you desire.

Fear is a common cause of inaction. Many people do not understand fear is an emotion created for the sake of survival. Learning to create action through the temporary feeling of fear will prove to be a valuable step forward. The stories that follow are a result of the people I have met getting outward lost so I could become inward found. This book can be used as a tool to understand you are never too far down and out to set a new direction and start moving forward. I hope you learn to take massive action in the direction of your goals while stepping over adversities and moving through failures along the way.

My goal is for you to gain great value and earn a solid profit from the information in this book. As with all processes I work to develop, the idea is to create a barrier of entry low enough to influence action yet high enough to create a difference. The purpose of this book is to support a positive mindset and encourage you to focus attention on your priorities as you move your feet forward into ACTION!

Nothing changes without something changing. You can learn to become the change you want to be by simply aligning you head, feet, and heart. Take a step forward today rather than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

Action is an integral part of success.

How will you take ACTION!, TODAY?


(Available to US shipping address only…)