How will you handle adversity!?

Journaling has become part of my life and I am so thankful.  10 months ago when Coach Gary suggested I start journaling, I did. I did it more for him because he asked me to try it.  Today, it is part of my daily routine and I am so thankful.  I now journal for ME. Continue reading “How will you handle adversity!?”

Let’s have coffee!

The mental health struggle is real… About now, reality is setting in for most people… Work is closed. The kids are home. More time with your partner. People need progress… and stagnation causes poor thoughts and behaviors to creep in. This is the new reality and it is stretching the mental limits of many people.Continue reading “Let’s have coffee!”

My 2 new books are here!

I never thought I would publish a book of poetry or behavioral therapy… Well, today is that day. “Songs of a Mountain Man” and “Corner of Sunshine and Hope” are available on Amazon NOW! Thank you all for you support over the years and just know, these are only the first books and many manyContinue reading “My 2 new books are here!”