How to Walk Through Fear

I took a deep breath in and let out the biggest relieving breath of my life… Knock… Knock… Knock… My head went in circles. My doubt screamed. My heart raced. My smile gleamed.I knew I could never let the fear and anxiety be seen on the outside… this was the moment I’ve been growing forContinue reading “How to Walk Through Fear”

Joy is my Home

Please let me introduce the man who taught me about Unlimited Energy and Joy. There have been some highs and lows over the past couple years. They used to come so quickly and go so swiftly a therapist was trying to medicate me into oblivion because she swore I was bipolar. It took about 4-6Continue reading “Joy is my Home”

Moment of Gratitude

Please let me introduce the man who saved my life. The coach, the mentor, the friend I worked so hard to find. He has stayed in the shadows as we have walked through the deepest darkest bottoms. He has stood with me on the highest brightest mountains. He taught me to move. He taught meContinue reading “Moment of Gratitude”

Does the moon get lonely?

Traveling alone is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had the opportunity to do. Over 25k miles across the United States in the past year…  through the backroads and big cities to see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets from lighthouses, beaches, colorful waters, the highest mountains, and everywhere in between. It is rareContinue reading “Does the moon get lonely?”

Challenges Lead to Stimulation and Growth

Life is Not All Sunshine and Rainbows Humans tend to shy away from that which will heal their heart, mind and body. It is not in avoiding pain but understanding pain that creates strength and courage. This is not to say that one must ‘grind’ their mind and body into the ground to create ‘toughness’Continue reading “Challenges Lead to Stimulation and Growth”

Master your Self Talk Monster

Master your Self Talk Monster… The voices in your head that speak to you, can help you or hinder you… do you master your mind or does your mind master you? What does your voice say? Why does it speak as it does? How can you become the master of the voices in your head?Continue reading “Master your Self Talk Monster”

Cookies in Paradise…

“Man, I sell cookies in paradise for a living. How could I have a bad day?” -Cookie Dude in Key West Wow… what a great question. A simple smile and hello led me to the next great question of my own life. When you become who you really want to be, do what you wantContinue reading “Cookies in Paradise…”

Last Call for Self Care- TONIGHT!

Hi there, You are invited to a Zoom webinar.When: Mar 30, 2021 07:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)Topic: Self Care is the Best Care To receive a direct link for the Self Care is the Best Care Zoom, register in advance here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joiningContinue reading “Last Call for Self Care- TONIGHT!”

Take the Detour…

Detours… We have access to the most precise technology ever imagined. We plan our day, our travel, our everything based on the little device we hold in our had. We know EXACTLY where we are going, what the weather will be, how to get there, and even what the distance and time will be fromContinue reading “Take the Detour…”

What’s your best 1st step forward?

So how do I get started? Here’s my advice for taking the first step toward better fitness and health. What’s your “WHY”? What do you REALLY want out of this? Do you want to be healthy, lose some weight or look great in a Speedo? Or do you want to have the energy to play withContinue reading “What’s your best 1st step forward?”