Selling Happily Ever Afters…

Selling Bull Shit Happily Ever Afters… No, it isn’t as easy as calories in and calories out. No, training for a single race will not improve your long term fitness and health. No, a magic 45 day fitness program will not undo twenty years of poor choices. No, going Vegan won’t solve all your health […]

Attention Transaction Machine

Remember when you had to pick up the phone to call someone? And if they weren’t there it was ok because you simply left a message and they called back when they could give you the proper attention.When was the last time you wrote a note or a letter to someone you loved and cared […]

Forced Repetition of the Mundane

Do you honestly think personal growth and discovery of your potential is easy? This is a serious question. What makes you believe success is easy?If it was easy… it would bring Joy to achieve it. Why would you believe success is sexy?I understand a few best sellers and cultural icons glorify a few social media […]

How to Walk Through Fear

I took a deep breath in and let out the biggest relieving breath of my life… Knock… Knock… Knock… My head went in circles. My doubt screamed. My heart raced. My smile gleamed.I knew I could never let the fear and anxiety be seen on the outside… this was the moment I’ve been growing for […]


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About Me

I created my personal growth and development philosophy along my journey that started as an unhealthy 400 pound couch potato to lose 200 pounds as I taught myself to become an elite ultra-athlete completing numerous 100 mile ultra-marathons, including the famous Leadville Trail 100 mile race in the highest mountains of Colorado.

I work to help people remove the overwhelming and cluttered thoughts of anxiety so they can have the courage and strength to take the first step forward toward the process of building the lifestyle they want to live.

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