My Friend Jama

If you are looking for a professional photographer, look no further than Jama Pantel. In 2018, I had a desperate need for business development and marketing pictures. I had known Jama for a couple years and we were able to connect for a couple fun days of shooting in Austin, Texas. I had noContinue reading “My Friend Jama”

A new addition…

Coffee and Conversations with real people about real life. A new approach to personal development through coaching. We work to clear the clutter so you can work toward your true potential by maximizing strengths, overcoming weaknesses and discovering the blind spots that are holding you back. If you are interested in being a guest, pleaseContinue reading “A new addition…”


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About Me

Gary Stotler is an Executive Life Coach specializing in personal responsibility and self-discipline while building emotional strength through mindset conditioning. The process of empowerment is fueled with improved communication, increased confidence, and proper self-care. Gary provides individualized strategies to maximize strengths, overcome challenges, and discover opportunities.

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