Commitment to Fitness and Health

In order to maintain the highest level of fitness and health, effective immediately all employees of Gary Stotler Enterprises, LLC will be required to complete the following daily disciplines for a minimum of one hour total each day to avoid termination of employment. 20 minutes of mental health activities •Meditation•Journaling•Talking 20 minutes of physical health […]

Mindset Conditioning Master Mind Group

If you have wondered about Coach Gary Stotler or how Mindset Conditioning works, now is a great time to get started. I had an incredible offer from a current client to help get YOU started! After he finished this program and allowed his employees to work through the process together, he wanted to help me […]

What is Mindset Conditioning?

I have been asked the question: “What exactly do you do?” so many times, I have finally been able to answer the question with a little bit of organization. I have worked diligently for years to build the coaching business I am good at and so very proud of. Over the past 5 years, I […]

Colorful Detours

Detours often lead to unexpected Adventures. It’s been a while, mostly an intentional break to make sure I was focusing my attention in the proper places. I’ve been debating much within and searching for some understanding from the outside world. I have no more understanding and have yet to find what I’m looking for… I […]


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About Me

I created my personal growth and development philosophy along my journey that started as an unhealthy 400 pound couch potato to lose 200 pounds as I taught myself to become an elite ultra-athlete completing numerous 100 mile ultra-marathons, including the famous Leadville Trail 100 mile race in the highest mountains of Colorado.

I work to help people remove the overwhelming and cluttered thoughts of anxiety so they can have the courage and strength to take the first step forward toward the process of building the lifestyle they want to live.

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