Accountability Coaching

Gary’s Coaching Process- The M.A.P. to close your G.A.P.


  • Motivation
  • Attitude
  • Persistence


  • Goals
  • Action
  • Progress

Create Stability

  • Coaching & Communication- Our once a week phone call is about you. My goal is to earn your trust and I need you to be fully open and honest. If there is something you don’t tell me, there is something we are missing. I will never judge you or ridicule you. I will treat you with fairness, openness, love, compassion and understanding. Every call is treated with the upmost respect and confidentiality
  • Client Screening & Assessment- Who are you? What are your qualities? What are your weaknesses? Who would you like to be in the future?
  • Different goals and circumstances will vary the tests/assessments/evaluations which will follow.
    • Goal Setting- Together we will talk about your goals. What do you want? What do you want to avoid? What action do you need to take? Who do you need to become to accomplish your goals? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? We will work to find your blind spots.
      • Outcome Goal: What is the end goal?
      • Performance Goal: What check points will show you progress?
      • Process Goal: What is your action plan for success?

Develop Consistency

  • Through journal and reflection, we will work to discover you thoughts, habits and actions. We will discover what where to clear the clutter and design a process to keep our mind and body clear.
  • What are your triggers? Physical, emotional, habitual? How do you currently reward yourself? How do you currently talk to yourself? Where can we improve?
  • Create, visualize, dream… Finding a model of success we can follow. Then find the best way to implement the how to get the what.

Long term Sustainability

  • Social Influences- Who is supporting our changes? Where is the resistance coming from? 
  • Accountability- Partner, Coach, Group
  • Community- Joining a community who understands and supports.
  • Taking the next step- How do we continue to move forward to solidify changes?

The gap is the difference between where you are and where you want to be: Closing your G.A.P. is the key to happiness and success in fitness, health and life…

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