Commitment to Fitness and Health

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In order to maintain the highest level of fitness and health, effective immediately all employees of Gary Stotler Enterprises, LLC will be required to complete the following daily disciplines for a minimum of one hour total each day to avoid termination of employment.

20 minutes of mental health activities


20 minutes of physical health activities

•Fresh Air
•Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

20 minutes of emotional health activities


Employees will also be required to abide by healthy eating standards as well as a minimum fitness standard to decrease unhealthy behaviors and increase disease prevention.

The fitness and health measures have been created to instill the same self discipline and personal responsibility standards as is expected from the clients we serve. We believe the best service is to provide you with a positive example of action, rather than empty promises.

For more information on how to implementthe same disciplines in your life or with your employees:

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