Mindset Conditioning Master Mind Group

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If you have wondered about Coach Gary Stotler or how Mindset Conditioning works, now is a great time to get started. I had an incredible offer from a current client to help get YOU started!

After he finished this program and allowed his employees to work through the process together, he wanted to help me pass along the opportunity to others.

For the next 10 people who start the Master Mind group, he is going to pay the September group membership for you. ($65)

We are a group for support and encouragement to help hold you accountable toward your goals in business, fitness, and life.

We will walk through 12 steps over the next 24 weeks. I will be guiding a group of people on a path of personal growth and self discovery like you’ve never seen.

This generous offer has been granted because of the process I have organized to use myself as I learned to overcome fitness, health, and life challenges. I have specifically worked him through this same process which has led him to a level of personal and professional growth he thought was impossible.

Together, we will learn to master 3 primary areas to promote positive response conditioning:

• Communication
  ~ Journaling
  ~ Accountability Partner

• Confidence
  ~ Physical Fitness
  ~ Health and Well-being

• Self Care
  ~ Meditation and Breathing
  ~ Mindset and Emotional Empowerment

Worried about wasting your money and not knowing what you’ll receive in return?

Do you have a fear of where to start?

Are you overwhelmed with how to start?

Embarrassed about seeking help?

Anxious about what to expect?

Ready to Level Up and not sure the next step?

Struggling to find the value in coaching services?

This is an offer to allow you to step into the process and find out how we can work together toward your growth, goals, and the discovery of your potential. If you decide after September it isn’t for you, you will have a solid idea of where you stand in your own personal growth.

To be eligible for this offer, please email me directly at gary@garystotler.com by Tuesday morning (9/7/2021). I will send you a personalized link to get set up and the details of our master mind meet-ups.

“Do you know how absolutely EMPOWERING it was for me to be able to communicate so openly with you about my life?… The ability for me to trust you with all of that and your willingness to share your own experiences is truly life changing! I am not the same as I was 90 days ago! I am moving forward and even though you give me the credit for doing the work, I would NEVER have made it to where I am without you.” -Kris V.

More info?

(Once this sells out and the group closes, a 1:1 90 day Jump Start coaching package will be required to join. $900)

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